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Supercar Designs: Classic or complex?

Whether you opt for a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a McLaren or a Porsche, the super cars of today are all more than impressive, both in design and performance. With an appearance, which is already extraordinary in itself, these cars do not necessarily require much modification, but for some, customisation is considered essential when purchasing automobiles.

There are many advantages of maintaining the original design, in that the timelessness of the car is increased, therefore making it easier to sell on in future. Added features may make it harder to sell, as will eccentric colours or paint jobs.

Yet, for some car enthusiasts, a more complex design is considered more desirable, with car modifications only building on the existing uniqueness and exclusivity of the car. Nowadays, demand is increasing for custom designs on luxury super cars and more and more car manufacturers now cater to this, by offering customisation services.

It’s certainly important to consider the time and cost required for customising such cars, as unique designs can cost extra and also take weeks or months to complete.

Other than their Cayenne SUV, Porsche, for example, offer the option to paint any of their cars, in any colour. The customer can choose colours for both the exterior and interior design of the car, but of course this service is not cheap and also takes a few months to complete.

In contrast, Bugatti offer a wide range of colours on their paint jobs, at no extra charge and complete the customisation within a month of purchasing.

While supercars are already considered impressive, it is understandable why those spending thousands of pounds on the purchase want more than the standardised design, therefore opting for more eccentric and bespoke features.

We recognise that customisation is now becoming more and more popular, but there are many car enthusiasts who prefer a classic design, one, which may be considered somewhat more simple, but is overall representative of the manufacturer and the brand itself.

In purchasing a supercar, the choice between classic and complex is your own and is dependent on your own preference, how much you are willing to pay and how long you are willing to wait for your new car.

Overall, with the increase in popularity for customisation, is it possibly worth considering that maintaining the original design of the car is what will ultimately make your car unique in 2016?

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