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    Wedding Car Hire with Northern Supercar Hire

    We can make your special day even more memorable with our Premier Wedding Car Hire Package. Northern Supercar Hire offers Aston Martin Wedding Car Hire packages to make sure you arrive in style for your big day. Northern Supercar Hire can design an Aston Martin Wedding Car experience that is perfectly tailored to your exact needs and budget.

    Supercar Wedding Car Hire

    An Aston Martin Virage will arrive (complete with skilled driver) early on your big day to chauffeur the Groom and Best Man to the wedding venue in exhilarating style. The car also has two ‘bucket’ seats, suitable for children or small adults on a short journey.

    After the wedding ceremony the Aston Martin is on hand for any photograph requirements before accompanying the bridal car to the reception venue, (if there is a change of venue) taking a passenger of your choice in the Aston Martin.

    From the reception venue (or a venue of your choice), our skilled drivers will conduct “performance demonstrations” with your guests in the passenger seat (one at a time!). This is just one little extra to ensure that your guests have a thrilling memory of your wedding day that they are not likely to forget. The Aston Martin will also be available throughout the day for any photograph requirements.

    The main advantage of the chauffeur driven Aston Martin Wedding Hire package is the fact that you are eliminated from all financial liability. There is no security deposit to pay and Northern Supercar Hire will be responsible for the Wedding Car Hire usage throughout the day. This leaves you and your guests free to relax, have a few drinks and enjoy the great occasion of your wedding day.

    We can also tailor make a specific Wedding Car Hire package to suit your exact requirements on your wedding day. Just call our friendly team on 01244 43 44 55 to arrange your exclusive Supercar package for the most important day of your life.

    And then there’s the Honeymoon – why not do it in A-List style with a stunning Supercar! What better way to celebrate as newly weds than behind the wheel of one of our luxury Supercars?