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    Supercar Themed Activities for Kids

    Northern Supercar Hire remains in awe of the selfless hard work of the Keyworkers keeping our country going during these hard times and we continue to follow government advice and stay home. Liz has two Supercar-mad children to keep occupied and she has some ideas to share so here are 5 Supercar inspired kids activities to keep them busy this week.

    1. Design and build a racetrack for Supercars:

    Use what you have to design an interesting track – ours is made out of black paper, chalk and features many trees and dinosaurs!
    Older children could research famous tracks like the Monaco Grand Prix circuit or the Nurburgring to create more of a challenge.


    1. Create a stop/go animated Supercar movie:stop go animation

    The free app Stop Motion allows little ones to quickly take a series of photos, moving the Supercars or key players slightly each time.
    Some of the features are payable, but we made a movie with a toy Audi R8 with a little imagination and no extra features.


    1. Interview a family member about their favourite cars:

    Find out about your family members’ car memories.
    Do they have photos? Did grandma have a secret need for speed fifty years ago?


    1. Colour or draw a Lamborghini Aventador:

    Younger kids might want to use a colouring sheet – this one is a Lamborghini Aventador.
    Older kids could try drawing a Lamborghini from scratch. The tutorials on the kids art hub channel on YouTube are great!

    Lamborghini Aventador Colouring


    1. Chose a movie featuring a Supercar for a movie night. Make tickets!

    The movie depends on the age of the viewers.  The Disney Cars movies are great for little car lovers and the James Bond movies with all the cars and gadgets are a big hit in our household for our children (and dad)!
    And when the film has been chosen get the kids to design tickets for the movie show – featuring the car of course.

    Whilst Northern Supercar Hire are working on future bookings and issuing future Gift Certificates, we know that this is the time for the country to focus on beating this pandemic. Hopefully these ideas will provide a little inspiration for car mad kids this week!

    Stay Safe and Best Wishes from the Northern Supercar Hire team.