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Santa swaps reindeer and sleigh for a Ferrari

Father Christmas won’t be arriving to his Grotto in Stockport by his traditional mode of transport…Santa has swapped reindeer power for horse power in the form of a Ferrari 360 Spider, courtesy of Northern Supercar Hire.

Santa will be arriving in style to Wyevale Garden Centre, Stockport in the Supercar in time for his charity grotto. Neil Brimelow, Manager of the garden centre, explained: “Santa has such a lot of ground to cover to get around to seeing the millions of children who visit his grottos before Christmas and that is why he has decided this year to swap Rudolf, Donner, Blitzen and the other reindeer for a faster mode of transport.’

Northern Supercar Hire were pleased to supply the stunning set of wheels for the occasion and the Ferrari certainly added to the delight of the crowds!

Owner Billy Jack explains: “We were pleased when Santa called us up to ask us if we could help out. It’s a very busy time of year for him and we know he needs a prestigious set of wheels to help him get about.”

 Proceeds from Santa’s grottos will be donated to local projects helping in the community.