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6 Car Lover Valentine’s Day Ideas

Spring is just around the corner, things are on the up in the UK, and many of us are lucky enough to be able to spend Valentines Day with ‘The One’. What’s not to celebrate?

Under the cut we’ve got 6 great Valentine’s Day ideas for the car lover in your life.

1. Ferrari Passion
Hire a rosso red Ferrari F430 Spider and whisk the love of your life away to a small boutique hotel, where you will have plenty of time to err… admire the hand stitched cream leather interior and beautiful body work.

2. Understated Luxury
A beautiful Aston Martin Virage could transport you to a sumptuous winter picnic in a remote location. This stunning Aston Martin, plenty of blankets and a little love and affection will warm the cockles of any heart!

3. Supercar Dessert
Jazz up a casual supper for your Supercar lover by producing the pièce de resistance on a plate – a gift certificate from Northern Supercar Hire, which can be tailored completely to the wishes of the recipient.

4. “Miss Anders… I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.”
For the Bond fanatic, collect them from work in a eye-catching Aston Martin and let your own glamorous spy story develop from there.

5. Secret Romance
We can keep the Supercar Hire a secret to the very last minute. We will design a tailor-made Supercar hire package, which is a complete surprise until we hand over the keys. Warning – this is guaranteed to be a tear-jerker (we know, we do this a lot – sometimes we even have a tear in our own eyes!)

6. Visit us!
Discover the romance of Scotland by paying us a visit! Explore the beautiful North Ayshire coastline in south west Scotland in the Supercar of your choice. Pick up your Supercar from us, or we can deliver to one of the many gorgeous luxury hotels in the area. Call us to arrange your perfect date in Scotland!