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Mercedes AMG GTS Edition 1

Mercedes AMG GTS Edition 1 Prices


Daily price from £499 (based on a 7 day hire). Prices Exclude VAT
Midweek (24hrs) £695
Midweek (additional 24hrs) £595
Weekend (2 days) £1395
Weekend (Fri - Mon) £1795
7 days £3495

Excess Miles £4/mile or £3/mile if pre-booked

Mercedes AMG GTS Edition 1 Specifications

Car Specification: Value
0-60 Time 3.8 seconds
Top Speed 193mph
BHP 503bhp
Colour Silver

Mercedes AMG GTS Edition 1 Videos

Mercedes AMG GT S Video Brochure

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In the snapper’s words, “It couldn’t be made to look bad.” Not in the past 10 years has the three-pointed star been plastered to something so overtly testosteronic; from the back the badge looks like it’s been tattooed onto a bouncer’s neck. Like the best European muscle cars posing as two-seaters, the GT comes pre-wrapped in an unmistakable aura of big money and ozone-high desirability. – Autocar Review

Hire a Mercedes AMG GTS Edition 1 from Northern Supercar Hire - call 01244 434 455 or email info@northernsupercarhire.com today for your tailor-made quotation.