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Ferrari California T

Ferrari California T Prices


Daily price from £570 (based on a 7 day hire). Prices Exclude VAT
Midweek (24hrs) £795
Midweek (additional 24hrs) £695
Weekend (2 days) £1495
Weekend (Fri - Mon) £1995
7 days £3995

Excess Miles £5/mile or £3.50/mile if pre-booked

Ferrari California T Specifications

Car Specification: Value
0-60 Time 3.4 seconds
Top Speed 198mph
BHP 562bhp
Colour Red

Ferrari California T Videos

Ferrari California T Review

Hire the Ferrari California T

For the first time since 1987, Ferrari has fitted turbochargers to a series production car. The 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 is completely new, and was in development for four years. It produces 553bhp and 557lb ft of torque in seventh gear.

For the California T, Ferrari has developed a Variable Boost Management system to progressively increase torque output in each gear in order to give the engine the same non-linear, developing sense of acceleration as a typically aspirated engine.

The Ferrari California T rides magnificently. As 53% of its weight is over the rear axle the California T doesn’t feel front heavy. This layout gives the California T a sense of agility and balance.

We think that you’ll enjoy hiring the Ferrari California T as well. The Ferrari California T has a new impressive V8 engine with a remarkable gearbox; changing gear is a doddle and seems to happen before you’ve even fully pulled the paddle. There is no noticeable turbo lag and the new V8 engine produces an exciting sharp, deep exhaust note.

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