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Ferrari 458 Spider

Ferrari 458 Spider Prices


Daily price from £1142 (based on a 7 day hire). Prices Exclude VAT
Midweek (24hrs) £1495
Midweek additional 24hrs £1195
Weekend (2 days) £2795
Weeeknd (Fri - Mon) £3895
7 days £7995

Excess Miles £7/mile or £5/mile if pre-booked

Ferrari 458 Spider Specifications

Car Specification: Value
0-60 3.4 seconds
Top Speed 198 mph
BHP 562
Colour Red

Ferrari 458 Spider Videos

Hire the Ferrari 458 Spider

Hire a Ferrari 458 Spider from Northern Supercar Hire and marvel at this amazing Supercar.

The Ferrari 458 Spider has a unique aluminium fully retractable hard top. This amazing feat of engineering, which actually makes the car lighter than the previous soft-top version, is fully integrated into the Supercar and takes only 14 seconds to put down.

We think that you’ll enjoy driving the Ferrari 458 Spider as well. The Supercar features a V8 Ferrari engine, which was named international engine of the year in 2011. Advances in traction control, dynamics and transmission means that this amazing Ferrari can reach speeds of up to 198mph, and reach 60mph in just 3.4 seconds.

If you hire this Ferrari for a loved one, don’t worry that you wont be able to chat with the roof down – this Ferrari is engineered to perfection with your comfort in mind. Thanks to the adjustable electric windstop and other elements to efficient airflow and drive comfort, normal conversation can be had in the cockpit even at speeds of 124mph!

Hire a Ferrari 458 Spider from Northern Supercar Hire - call 01244 434 455 or email info@northernsupercarhire.com today for your tailor-made quotation.