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    Sporting Events - Horse Racing

    Don’t Dream It, Drive It with Northern Supercar Hire!

    If you want to make a special occasion truly unforgettable – we have the key to your dreams.

    Experience the UK’s most Famous Horse Racing Event at the legendary Aintree Course – the Grand National Race combined with an awe-inspiring Supercar. Or choose your favourite racing event or course, you’re dressed to impress now arrive there in style!

    Combine Your Passions

    Impress clients and business associates by escorting them to the race in a Supercar!

    No other racecourse can compare with the sheer romance of Aintree, and the World’s most celebrated, most talked about, most magical race – the Grand National.

    Northern Supercar Hire can arrange your Supercar hire on a self-drive basis, so that you can drive to Aintree and arrive in a show stopping Supercar. Alternately all Supercars are available with a chauffeur to ensure a completely hassle-free arrival.

    The Grand National continues to grow in popularity at the famous Liverpool Racecourse. On Race Day, over 650 million viewers from all over the world witness the Grand National race with the horses thundering round this grueling four and a half mile course.

    To book your once in a lifetime transport to the Grand National call our friendly team for a competitive quote on 0845 260 8 360.