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    Drive a Supercar in Leicestershire

    Supercar Hire Leicestershire

    Please visit our cars and tariff page for further information about Supercar Hire and prices.

    Northern Supercar Hire specialises in self-drive Supercar hire in the North, and is pleased to be able to supply Supercars to customers in Leicestershire.

    Northern Supercar Hire are dedicated to providing picture perfect Supercars at competitive prices and with outstanding customer service.

    We are happy to deliver Supercar Hire Leicestershire, and for those customers wishing to spend some time in Leistershire with their Ferrari Hire, please find below a few activities and destinations in Leicestershire, recommended by Northern Supercar Hire.

    National Space Centre, Leicester, Leicestershire

    Treat this kid in you with a trip to the award winning National Space Centre is the UK’s largest attraction dedicated to space. From the moment you catch sight of the Space Centre’s futuristic Rocket Tower, you’ll be treated to hours of breathtaking discovery and interactive fun. The calm and luxury of your Ferrari hire will seem tame by comparison.

    Belvoir Castle near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

    Drive your Ferrari Hire to Belvoir Castle, which was built during the Regency period, and is home to the Duke and Duchess of Rutland. The Castle houses many treasures collected throughout the ages and boasts one of the largest private art collections in the country. Your Ferrari Hire will fit in perfectly here.

    Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre, Leicestershire.

    The Heritage Centre gives an interpretation of the Battle of Bosworth where King Richard III lost his life, giving a complete insight into medieval times. This interesting attraction will add a little culture to you Ferrari Hire in Leicester.

    Great Central Railway, Loughborough Station, Leicestershire

    The Great Central Railway is Britain’s only double track main line steam railway. Drive your Ferrari hire out here and you can even compare it to driving a steam train! Or choose to dine in style and enjoy a sumptuous 4 or 6 course meal while travelling by steam train.

    Altar Stones Lane, Markfield, Leicestershire

    And now for some real exploration in your Ferrari hire – Altar Stones Lane offers a 4-acre picnic site on rock outcrop, with geological interest and supporting heath and gorse. Good views over Charnwood Forest. Beacon Road, Woodhouse Eaves, Loughborough, Leicestershire – 240 acres of undulating heath land, woodland and meadows. Summit affords superb views of the county.